Sunday, 14 July 2013

April : Super

This subject had me stumped for a little while.  The initial thing to spring to mind is 'super heroes' and it's hard to continue thought along a different path once something is stuck in your mind!  However, I did break off from this train of thought and arrived at 'super fruits'.  Super fruits are full of goodness and make you feel super!

I've never branched out into pattern work.  It often doesn't work with what I'm illustrating.  But, this is something I want to try, work at, improve on...therefore 'Super' is my first attempt at pattern work!  Even sticking to fruits that are really similar in colour I've ended up with a 4 colour screen print.

As you can read about in the first post on this project here, I'm using papers I received as presents at Christmas to print onto.  They are lots of different sizes and finishes making each set of prints even more individual.  This month is no different and I've printed onto a lovely handmade, unbleached, super soft, paper.  This one is the largest yet that I've done, so I've also printed onto a couple of sheets of thick watercolour paper as well, these will be cut done to make note cards and smaller prints.


As you can see in the last photo - the light really catches the pomegranates and cranberries.  This is because I've used a tinted gloss varnish to mimic the glossiness of the real fruit!

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