Sunday, 21 July 2013

May : Lavender

Another pattern!  I enjoyed working on my last piece and transforming it into a pattern, so this month has also gone down that route!

The lavender print was inspired by lavender sachets - you see them a lot in little European town markets? - But I also have a lovely home made string of them in my wardrobe!  Whilst selling at The Little Fox market in Rickmansworth (May), I was next to the lovely Caroline who, as well as all of her gorgeous soaps, had some dried lavender for sale.  I saw this as a sign and bought some quick, I've been pondering the design ever since.

I've chosen to print onto a loose weave fabric, in natural and a soft grey, and of course a couple of sheets of thick watercolour paper to make notecards.  The material will soon be sewn into lavender sachets which I'll more than likely be giving as gifts for a while, but if you're lucky, you'll be able to snap one up in my online shop.


 So happy with how this has turned out!  A lovely little pattern - what do you think?

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