Sunday, 28 July 2013

Not on the High Street

I've finally taken the plunge and opened up a 'Not on the High Street' shop!  On it you'll be able to get digital prints of watercolour illustrations, original screen prints, greetings cards, postcards, pocket mirrors and more.  I'm in the process of slowly expanding my product range, so over the coming months I'll be adding tea towels, tote bags and a wider range of pocket mirrors, cards and prints.

A little note to self, if you spend over £30 you'll get free delivery - how nice is that?

My first order - slipped in a few extra 'hello sunshine' stickers!

My first order was for one of my favourite pieces I do - handmade new baby greeting cards - the Beer, Bottle and Wine design has gone down well in my Etsy shop, so it's lovely to know that Not on the High Street are enjoying it too!

...that's a bit of a mouthful...really should of chosen something shorter!

I'd love to hear what you think of it, and whether you're more inclined to shop on here or in my Etsy shop?

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Lisa Scott said...

I love your work and only recently found out about Etsy but know about 'not on the high street' for a while. A lot of my friends order from there. Good luck! X