Sunday, 4 August 2013

30 Postcards in 30 Days!

The 30 Days of Creativity in June with Create Stuff is now over and I feel a definite sense of achievement.  You can read here a little about the start of this project for me.  But all in all I illustrated a postcard a day every day in June.  Quite a task!  But I managed it, and even managed to nearly write and send them all by the 30th June as well.  Somehow writing them was an equal task to illustrating them - I've never sent so many postcards in such a short period of time!

Here are a few of my favourites, the rest will follow soon :

 Day 1 - Crepes for breakfast in Paris

 Day 2 - happy findings wandering around in Paris

 Day 11 - Out for dinner with my Dad

 Day 15 - Buying things for the flat

Day 25 - Laura Marling gig

Join me over on my Facebook page 'Charlotte Vallance Illustration & Design' to see photos of postcards that people have taken when they've received them!

You can see my 30 Days of Creativity for 2012 on my Down Your Street blog here.

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