Sunday, 11 August 2013

This is not an App

Modelled here by the lovely Romilly, she's 6 months and wearing a '6-9 months' size vest.

You may of seen my little range of new baby greeting cards in my 'Etsy' shop here, and they are now proving popular in my brand spanking new 'Not on the High Street' shop as well - hurrah!

I've taken the 'This is not an App' design to a new level and it's now available on baby vests!  Screen printed in one of the set colours, or bespoke - whichever you prefer - onto the size vest to fit the baby.  Whether it's a new born gift or for a baby a few months old, I'm happy to accommodate.

Available in both 'Etsy' and 'Not on the High Street'.  Or get in touch with me directly on here.  Each are £10 + P&P (varies depending on where you live!).

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