Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Artfordable Fair @ 13 The Gallery

Cracking into the London Market and Art Fair scene is not easy at all.  Which is why I was quite excited to get accepted to this lovely monthly market at 13 The Gallery for August in North London.  I packed up a small table and a selection of my favourite prints and cards and set off to set up shop there for the weekend.

LEFT : Jonathan Ellis
RIGHT : Matt Gee

LEFT : Eni Jewellery
RIGHT : Cathy Simpson

LEFT : Emily Mould
RIGHT : Monika Dhamija Kalra

Isabel Farfan

Alejandro with my mini illustration of my Amsterdam print  (markers on canvas)

As with most events in August, it was a little quiet, but I was able to cover costs, spend time with some lovely people and explore another area of London I hadn't seen yet.  Success I say!

You can visit the gallery during the week, or for this art market once a month on Saturday and Sunday.

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